thousands of lice removals in minnesota

Lice Removal Salon in the Minneapolis MN Area.

Do you live in the Minneapolis Minnesota area and have head lice? The Good News Is…  In a short time you can be at the Slug Bug Lice Removal Salon where you will come in with lice,  and leave  lice free!  Be Lice Free Today.   We offer our Famous 60 Day Lice Free Guarantee with each lice removal treatment in our MN salon.

As Minnesota’s Largest Affordable Professional Lice Removal Salon, we are located a short  drive from the Minneapolis,  twin cities metro area.

We are a certified lice removal salon that only uses proven non-toxic pesticide free methods to remove both lice and lice eggs (nits) in one treatment.  Our treatments are pesticide free & safe for the entire family.

Our Professional Slug Buggers have treated so many individuals and families from the Minneapolis area that chances are you would know someone that has been here.      Trust us,  you are not the only one with head lice.  If you are from the Minneapolis area, or anywhere else in Minnesota,  Book Your Lice Removal Treatment Now.

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